The Hotels With the Most Beautiful Views Around the World

A gorgeous hotel view is a detail worth fighting for. Your hotel is where you’ll rest, socialize, and dine. So why shut out the destination with endless walls or window views that are less than inspiring?

Science has shown that immersing yourself in nature reduces stress and boosts energy and creativity – and a good view doesn’t need to be ‘green’ to hit the spot. Lakes, mountains, and villages can make you feel healthier, while a cityscape provides feelings of “pride or awe that we as humans are able to create such enormous structures,” according to the University of Vienna’s Michael Forster.

So, if you’re hankering for a scenic trip that doesn’t end when you get back to the hotel, where should you book? At, we know a thing or two about the appeal of paradise. And our experts have now analyzed thousands of TripAdvisor reviews from around the world to find the hotels most commonly noted for their “beautiful view.” Here’s what we found.

Pueblo Bonito in Mexico Has World’s Best Hotel Views

Call it the 1,000 Club. We found seven countries with hotels that get more than 1,000 “beautiful views” on TripAdvisor. Five of those are in North America, with two (Singapore and Thailand) in Asia. 

The most beautiful hotel view in the world is Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Golf and Spa Resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Pristine beaches underline epic views of the Pacific Ocean. “We were able to watch whales playing off the shore near the resort,” boasts one reviewer, “and the flowers and trees are beautiful, especially the hibiscus!”

A map showing the hotel with the most beautiful views in nearly every country

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Europe’s most beautiful hotel views can be seen from the Rome Cavalieri, Italy. This hilltop hotel is ensconced in parkland and looks out over the historic city and the Vatican. Take note, though – reviewers advise to book early and make a specific request if you want a room with a city view.

Two Hawaiian hotel views feature among the world’s top ten. A welcome breeze greets you on your balcony at Hilton Hawaiian Village, Waikiki, as you take in views of the Diamond Head volcanic crater, lagoons, Magic Island, and the Pacific. Sunset hour is not to be missed, and on New Year’s Eve, your balcony is front row for a stunning firework display.

Hawaiian and Las Vegas Hotels Have Best Views in the U.S.

You can find a beautiful hotel view in any U.S. state – but some are far more highly rated than others. In first place is the Wynn Las Vegas, with a view of the strip that may convince you to dine in your room every night. Hawaii is the state with the second-highest rated hotel view, that of the Hilton Hawaiian Village on the island of Oahu

A map showing the hotel with the most beautiful views in every U.S. state

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You can find a view worth writing home about in the most unlikely of U.S. destinations. The Radisson Blu in Fargo, North Dakota, is the lowest rated ‘top hotel view’ on our map, with just 19 lonely travelers mentioning the vista in their review. Rooms at the higher levels offer a look over the city (which sparkles at night) or the parks of Morehead, Minnesota.

A ranking of the top 10 hotels in the United States with the most beautiful views

When we allow more than one hotel per state, two states dominate the top ten. For the best hotel views in the U.S., TripAdvisor reviewers nominate the neon bustle of Las Vegas, Nevada, or any of the four top ten locations in Hawaii. The Grand Hyatt on Kauai is a top example of the latter, offering a combination of ocean and landscaped garden views to those who request them at booking. The lobby and restaurant also offer interesting views.

Famous Scottish Loch Hotel Among UK’s Finest Hotel Views

With its famous skyline and monuments, and high concentration of visitors, you might think London would dominate the UK top ten. But just three capital city hotels feature, with the UK’s rich coastal and countryside landscape making up the rest. Most highly rated of all is Slieve Donard, a Victorian-era hotel in Newcastle, offering “postcard perfect” mountain, beach, and landscaped views.

A ranking of the top 10 hotels in the UK with the most beautiful views

A pair of Scottish hotels are the only ones outside England to make the top ten. The Lodge on Loch Lomond overlooks the eponymous lake, the largest stretch of inland water in the UK (measured by surface area). From the Lodge, you can also look up to the mountain of Ben Lomond: as the famous local song puts it, “in soft purple hue, the highland hills we view, And the moon coming out in the gloaming.”

Banff and Niagara Offer Canada’s Best Hotel Views

It’s clear from our results that there are two areas of Canada to consider if you’re after a fine hotel view: hotels at Banff National Park and Niagara Falls make up the top seven most beautiful views in the country. The best in Banff is the Fairmont Chateau, which offers “magical” views from the breakfast restaurant and a dreamy view of Lake Louise from your room – for a premium.

The Embassy Suites by Hilton feature the best-reviewed vistas around Niagara Falls. While some rooms have a far better view than others, the view from the best suites offered a Covid-safe way to vacation for one reviewer – seeing the sights without leaving their room. “Being able to see the sunrise over the Horseshoe falls and to see it at night was absolutely beautiful,” they say.

Gold Coast Has Australia’s Finest Hotel Vistas

The Gold Coast boasts three of Australia’s top hotel views, and Sydney follows with two of them. Top on Queensland’s Gold Coast is Meriton Suites Broadbeach, a twin-towered resort just a stone’s throw from the beach. As such, you might think the Coral Sea is the main attraction for view-hunters – but the mountains of the region’s hinterland make for a great view from the hotel’s rear windows.

A ranking of the top 10 hotels in Australia with the most beautiful views

The top Sydney hotel view, and third-best in Australia, is at the Four Seasons. As one reviewer points out, the hotel’s position offers a unique “million dollar Sydney harbour view with iconic Opera House from the room, during day and night.” Once more, it is essential to request the view you want when booking – ask for a ‘harbor view,’ and you won’t be disappointed.

Find a Hotel with a Knock-Out View in Your Destination of Choice

We’ve collected our data in full in the interactive table below. Search for a hotel from our list, and you’ll thank yourself for booking wisely every time you wake up and open the hotel curtains.

Your vacation should be a sensory odyssey that doesn’t pause just because you’re taking it easy in your hotel. Once you’ve decided where you want to go, take it the extra mile by picking a hotel that makes the most of your surroundings. It’s the simplest way to escape the clock and immerse yourself in another world on holiday.


Data on hotels with the most beautiful views was gathered from TripAdvisor using searches for Hotels with the keyword “beautiful view” in each U.S. state and country of the world. Hotels with the highest number of mentions of “beautiful view” in their reviews were deemed hotels with the most beautiful views. 

Where more than one hotel has the same number of “beautiful view” mentions, preference was given to the hotel with the higher average rating or more reviews. Hotels with fewer than 10 mentions of a beautiful view or with less than 100 reviews were excluded from the rankings.

Data was collected in March 2022.