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4.5 / 5
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Experience Kauai or the Big Island like never before with a bird’s eye view of the picturesque landscape below. For a limited time, you can even land in the canyon as part of the add-on tour to the Kauai trip. 

- The Local Expert Team

Family-owned and operated since 1987, Safari Helicopters Hawaii, provides a look at the beautiful islands from a different perspective. Safari proudly serves the great island by offering tours of both Kauai and the Big Island, with the Deluxe Waterfall Safari on Kauai and the Volcano National Park Safari on the Big Island. 

While the comfort of the guests is of paramount importance, so too are the safety standards maintained by this storied company. Safari proudly meets the highest safety standards of the industry and has been granted authority by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to fly at the lowest altitude allowed under new regulations, which happens to be 500 feet above the surface at certain locations. 

Safety is a top priority and guests will all watch a short instructional presentation on how to conduct themselves safely around a helicopter. The topics of what to bring, what not to bring, how to put on a life vest and when it is necessary, how to use motion sickness bags, and how to address the pilot on the intercom, along with the all-important seating arrangements are addressed before each tour. The motto of the company when it comes to safety is “safe, smooth, and level.” This represents a commitment not only to maintaining high safety standards but to using only optimal equipment and ensuring the highest safety practices. 

Safari Helicopters Hawaii flies the ASTAR B2, which has a special Pilot-In-Command seat location. It is an ideal aircraft for touring due to its overall smoothness and comfort, especially when compared to other helicopters. Add to this its reliable 1D1 Turbomeca Engine and the fact that all passengers sit facing forward, and it’s easy to see what makes this an ideal site-seeing helicopter. While other companies promote door-off tours, at Safari Helicopters Hawaii, they prefer keeping the doors in place. They feel flying without the safety of doors presents an unnecessary risk for debris to escape the cabin and end up damaging the rotor blades. In addition, flying with no doors can be uncomfortable and get extremely noisy. Also, guests can expect to get wet when flying sans doors since there is rain often on a daily basis. 

The thrilling yet safe Big Island Tour takes you on a flight to the World’s most active volcano, which has been erupting since 1983. You will see the red-hot molten earth pouring into the cool waters of the Pacific, all from the safety and comfort of the helicopter. 

All tours include a ride in an air-conditioned helicopter cabin with noise-canceling headsets, large windows, and experienced, knowledgeable pilots. Safari Helicopters Hawaii won the Readers’ Choice Award from Hawaii Magazine, being named the Best of Kauai. They have also been recommended by USA Today and won the certificate of excellence from TripAdvisor.

Owner Preston Myers explains the mission and purpose of their award-winning company, “Our company is the culmination of a lifetime of flying, adventure, business, and family experience.  Each day we explore the natural wonders of Hawaii and relish the positive reactions from our customers.” Going on a tour with Safari Helicopters Hawaii is not only safe but educational and fun, which will sure to be a memory you will never forget and just might be the highlight of your trip to paradise. 

Insider Tips:
-All Safari Helicopters Hawaii pilots are carefully recruited and meet and exceed all FAA requirements. They represent the commitment to safety first while enjoying a breathtaking view of paradise from the comfort of their innovative helicopters.
-Guests over 250lbs or more might need to purchase an extra comfort seat. Weigh-ins during check-ins are done in a discrete manner. 
-Wear dark solid-colored clothing to minimize glare from the windows when taking pictures. Safari recommends using a wide-angle lens with manual not autofocus to get the best photos from the air.