Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary

Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary– Experience Expert-Led Tours of One of the World’s Most Biodiverse Rainforests
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Book a tour with one of Hawaii’s amazing tour guides through Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary. Don’t miss this rare experience to walk through a cloud forest with an expert in Hawaiian plants, culture, and local tales.

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Hawaii’s naturally diverse landscape and climate conditions make this island chain home to numerous types of ecosystems. Most people come to the state to see volcanoes or beaches, but on Kona, you will also find one of the most biodiverse rainforests in the world at Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary.  Book a tour with Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary to see this stunning forest with the help of an expert tour guide.

Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary operates under the nonprofit sector of the 808 Hawaii Tours company, Painted Trees of Hawaii. As a non-profit, the tour guides with Painted Trees of Hawaii focus on educating visitors about the forest and its significance.

Each tour lasts for three hours, and due to the nature of the trip, dress comfortably and wear good walking shoes. Visitors report the walk not being very strenuous even for older people on the tour. During the tours, visitors get to hear stories about Hawaiian lore and the culture in the area. Plus the tour guide provides information about the various trees, flowers, and other plants that make the Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary special.

Before visiting, you should understand the differences between a rainforest and a cloud forest. The former gets most of its water from rainfall. However, that does not mean that a trip through a cloud forest will feel dry. Much of the water used by plants comes from water condensing into mists and clouds. These mists condense on leaves and eventually drip to the ground below.

When traveling through a cloud forest, you will notice air plants and mosses taking advantage of the surrounding moisture in the air. You may also notice the cooler temperatures that come with the higher elevation and shade from the trees. Cloud forests only form at high elevations above warm, moist areas. The west side of the Island of Hawaii is one of those sites.

People who have taken a tour of Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary praise the guides’ wealth of knowledge about the area’s fauna and culture.

You are able to book your tour easily online on their website. Tours may consist of only your group as a private tour. Alternatively, you may book a public tour that includes your party and others who sign up for the event. These tours sell out very quickly. Call as soon as possible to ensure that you can find an open tour of the cloud forest during your stay.

Find out how a whole forest can grow over lava rock and much more by booking a tour with Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary.

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American citizens can deduct the cost of their tours from their taxes since the tour group is a 509(a)(2) nonprofit organization.