Honomu Goat Dairy

Honomu Goat Dairy – Frolic with the Goats in Paradise – and Buy Tasty Treats
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5.0 / 5
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If you’ve always dreamed of getting to frolic with the goats in paradise, it’s time to visit the Honomu Goat Dairy, for sure. At this small island farm, you get to go into the goat pens and feed them tasty treats galore. After that, go over to the shop and buy your own goat-milk-based candies and more.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

When you want nothing more than to run and play with the goats, get on over to the Honomu Goat Dairy. On your tour, you’ll get to enter the pens and feed the goats snacks while seeing them put on all their playful antics. Then, you can swing by the shop to buy your own goat milk fare, including candies, soaps, and everything in between.

You’ll find their fenced green pastures less than a mile from Pohakumanu Bay. Once you arrive, you’re free to grab an open spot in the lot next to the small dairy shop. Then, head on over to the front fence to check the shop and read the “Goat Therapy” sign. If the goats are “in,” you’re good to go. If not, you’ll have to wait for another day to come by.

As soon as you start walking around, you can expect to get a hearty hello from the friendly farmers tending the goats. If you just want to watch the goats from afar, grab a seat at the picnic table outside the gates. Otherwise, head into the shop to grab a bag of goat treats and then go through the gates.

Upon doing that, you’ll see their herd of adorable long-eared Nubian goats heading your way. In their visitor pens, they often have many baby goats for visitors to cuddle plus juveniles with a playful streak.  At all ages, their goats are endlessly curious and love to get a better look at their visitors.

Once the goats satisfy their curiosity, they’ll be off again to play on the tires, hop on the boxes, and explore the stables to their heart’s content. You can beckon them back to you by shaking the bag of treats and handing them out generously. The goats get a lot of attention day in and day out, but they never seem to fill up on snacks. So, you can definitely stick around until closing if you want, feeding them your treats and watching them play in the yard.  

After finishing up your quality time with the “goat therapists,” head back into the shop to explore all their wares. They have sweet treats, personal care products, and so much more, all of which feature goat milk in their formulas.

Stop by for a chance to get their:

Goat Cheese
No matter when you come by, you can expect to find tons of amazing goat cheese varieties. Their plain cheese is a must, but you might also want to try the flavored varieties, like Roasted Garlic and Herb, Big Island Spice, and Dill-licious.

Goat Milk Sea Salt Caramels
Whenever you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, you cannot go wrong with the Goat Milk Sea Salt Caramels. They make their caramels using a goat milk base elevated by locally sourced honey. Then, they sprinkle Hawaiian sea salt over the top to create the perfect flavor combination.

Dark Chocolate Goat Milk Fudge
If you love chocolate, you absolutely must try the Dark Chocolate Goat Milk Fudge. They make their creamy fudge using dark chocolate chips melted in warm goat milk. Their four-ounce containers won’t last long, so buy a few for the road or risk craving more.

In addition to all their unique snacks, they have goat milk soap, beard oil, body balm, and so much more. You can also get ultra-cute Totes Ma Goats tote bags plus tons of other swag, like t-shirts and stuffies. All their items make great gifts plus they’re fun to buy as souvenirs of your trip.

Insider Tips:
-Expect to find the farm closed whenever wet weather arrives on the island.
-Wear clothes and shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty. The pushy goats tend to get everyone at least a little muddy during their visit.
-Don’t squat down or the goats will try to hop right on top of you.