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Hilo Ocean Adventures – Where to Go on Ocean Explorations to Remember Near Hilo
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When you want to explore the ocean around Hilo in style, reach out to Hilo Ocean Adventures. They have a wide variety of excursions on the books, including snorkeling tours, dive explorations, kayak trips, and SUP excursions. On top of that, they have swim school, dive certifications, and other training opportunities available.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Are you dreaming of going on Big Island ocean explorations to remember? If so, you need to sign up for the trips offered by Hilo Ocean Adventures. This full-service tour company, offers many exciting trip options, including snorkeling, diving, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding. Need to earn your scuba certifications, learn how to swim, or take other training courses? They can help with that, too.

As a family-owned and operated dive shop in Hilo, this tour company always goes all out in helping their guests explore the ocean wonders to the fullest. Safety remains a top priority, although they never skimp on creating a sense of adventure on every trip. They’re also focused on ocean conservation, so they can do their part in preserving the island waterways for generations to come.

To experience all they have to offer, you just have to decide what you’d like to do, and then book your spot on their website. Their intuitive online system lets you reserve your spot with ease, and then lets you know just what to expect on the desired trip. You’ll then need to reflect on your own abilities and comfort level in the water to decide if you’re well prepared for the adventures ahead. If not, then it’s wise to look into their swim lessons, dive certifications, and other training programs as well.

At their swim school, you can learn all the most effective swim strokes plus plenty of general water safety tips. You can take lessons in the pool, and then move onto the ocean to slowly get more comfortable in the water. If you just want to work on conditioning, then you can join their Aqua Fitness classes. Want to become a certified mermaid? They’re happy to help make that happen.

If you want to work on becoming a skilled scuba diver, you just have to look into their training and certification courses. You’re welcome to start with their Intro Shore Scuba class to decide if you want to pursue certifications. Then, move through their series of PADI and NAUI certification courses, including underwater navigation, night diving, and divemaster certs.

After you complete your swimming and diving training courses, you can practice your skills by joining their tours. If you want to go out on your own, you can get rental gear from them instead. They have gear for all the most popular oceanside activities, including kayaking, surfing, and simply sitting on the beach.

Their most popular trips include:

Manta Discovery Tour
The Manta Discovery Tour lets you see magnificent manta rays forging for food after the sun goes down. With an experienced guide by your side, you’ll get to snorkel around the ocean in the nighttime hours while huge 1,000-pound manta rays glide gracefully by.

Sea Turtle Cove Dive
If you’d like to watch marine life move through their natural habitat, go on the Sea Turtle Cove Dive. On this scuba diving adventure, you’ll go deep under the water to explore the coral reefs. Along the way, expect to see octopuses, manta rays, eels, tropical fish, and sea turtles, of course.

Hilo Bay Kayak Adventure
The Hilo Bay Kayak Adventure lets you glide along the water’s surface while taking in all the picturesque views. Your trip starts in Hilo Bay where you can see the Mauna Kea volcano and many other amazing sights. Then, you’ll paddle over to Coconut Island for a chance to go up on the shore and explore tide pools galore. 

Do you prefer to stay firmly on the boat while exploring the ocean wonders? Just sign up for their cultural sightseeing adventures. They offer fun trips that take you along the most beautiful sights around the island. All throughout the trip, you’ll learn interesting facts about the history and culture of the region.

Insider Tips:
-Whale watching season starts December 16th and runs through mid-April.
-If you’d like to fish for the big one, ask about their private fishing charters.
-When going on their tours, don’t forget to take motion sickness medication at least an hour before.