Feast & Fire Luau

Feast & Fire Luau – Gorgeous Outdoor Dinner & Show Experience
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5.0 / 5
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The Feast & Fire Luau at Outrigger Kona Resort and Spa offers several unique attributes that set it apart from other luaus on the Big Island. Here, all of the festivities take place fully outdoors, looking out over the ocean and dinner comes as an exquisite plated table service and not a buffet. This is the place to go for a different type of luau experience. 

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

If you are staying on the Big Island of Hawaii, you have a ton of fantastic luau experiences to try. Some have been going on for a dozen or more years, while others are new and still evolving. One of these luaus that is newer but that is also becoming a local favorite is the Feast & Fire Luau presented by the Outrigger Kona Resort & Spa.

The Feast & Fire Luau takes place on a larger grassy knoll overlooking the ocean as part of the resort’s 22 acres of fantastic oceanfront property on Keauhou Bay. Here, on the western coast of the island, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better setting for a luau as you can enjoy a soft sunset in the backdrop as the show really starts to take place. Where many luau organizers have chosen to use roofed event pavilions and similar buildings to house the main luau event, the organizers of Feast & Fire have chosen to invest in a fully outdoor stage and table set-up. While this does mean there’s a risk that rain can put a damper on events when there is no rain, you can’t beat the setting. The primary stage is slightly raised with towering coconut trees framed by other broader Hawaiian trees along its edges. Round tables are aligned in front, each offering exceptional views of the stage and each beneath the wide-open Hawaiian sky. Here, after the sun sets, you can relax and enjoy a mesmerizing show beneath a starry evening sky. 

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves! There’s a lot going on before you’re going to see those stars. The Feast & Fire Luau starts, as with many island luaus, with pre-show and pre-dinner festivities. These activities include things that guests can take part in, as well as displays to enjoy. For example, there is an area where you can watch as the chefs expertly prepare parts of the meal, including the traditional roasting of a pig. More interactive pre-show events include flower weaving, painting, and drumming. There are even some market stalls where you can purchase souvenirs for those not able of joining you on your Hawaiian vacation. As you peruse these pre-show activities and make yourself comfortable at your table, consider grabbing a tropical cocktail at the open bar. 

One important distinction of the Feast & Fire Luau is how dinner is served. Once it’s ready, guests are prompted to find their seats, and then table service will begin. This is not a buffet-style dinner, but guests will enjoy massive proportions and a little bit of everything on their plate. 

The show at Feast & Fire Luau focuses on the history of Hawaii and its island culture. The main event begins with a torch-lighting ceremony and then transitions into a gorgeous show told primarily through music and dance. As the name of the event itself suggests, there is an incredible fire show that is part of this event. Lean back and enjoy perhaps the best fire dancing and fire knife show on the island!

Insider Tips:
-Being outside has some significant advantages, but it also has the big drawback of the potential for rain. Because of this, it is a good idea to not book too far in advance so that you can pair with a good weather outlook. It’s also advisable to bring a large-brimmed hat and light rain jacket if possible, just in case and just to ensure you’ll be comfortable should there be a light sprinkling. 
-Because this is table service and not a buffet, make sure to tell your server about any dietary restrictions you might have prior to service. For example, vegetarians will enjoy a larger, more robust plate if they announce it beforehand as the chef can replace the meat options with more veggie-friendly variety.