8 Activities to Enjoy as a Couple on the Big Island

The largest of all the Hawaiian islands, it’s no surprise that the big island offers an array of different attractions and experiences. That being said, couple’s activities are easy to find. In fact, it’s difficult trying to narrow down the best and most special activities out of the entire island. Don’t worry, however, because we have created that special list for both of you to enjoy!

Here are 8 activities to enjoy with your significant other:

Rainbow Falls

Fall even more in love at Rainbow Falls located in Hilo! At 80 feet, these falls lunge into a lower pool and are pretty picturesque at the right time of day. Truly a majestic site, take a picture or two together with the falls in the background and bask in the beauty of Hawaii.

Mauna Kea Summit

Photo Credit by @jromeo_photo on Instagram

From sea level to 14,000 feet, Mauna Kea Summit is an experience like no other. Two experiences stick out at this summit and that is the stargazing experience and the sunrise experience. Look out at clouds rising above the mountains at sunrise or look up at the stars twinkling in the night. Mauna Kea Summit is worth every bit and creates a truly intimate memory.

Spa Without Walls

A couple’s spa experience definitely enhances the romance of a vacation. Spa Without Walls focuses on outdoor experiences. Go on a wellness journey in the Hawaiian waters or get a massage by a waterfall. This spa lets you completely immerse yourself in the nature of Hawaii, all while being next to your partner.

Ride High with a Helicopter Tour

Photo Credit by @bluehawaiianhelicopters on Instagram

Seeing Hawaii from a helicopter view is a special and mesmerizing ride. Pass over the Kilauea volcano, hundreds of feet of waterfalls, and the valleys of Kohala. Both of you will be reeling with excitement and awe — as you’ll be passing over some of the best views of the island. Blue Hawaiian Helicopters offers an array of different tours, including private charters for that “one-of-a-kind” experience.

Sunset Cruise

A sunset cruise? Count us in! Hawaii Nautical is a sailboat that focuses on different attributes of the waters in Hawaii. Go catch a romantic sunset, try to spot some whales, sightsee with dolphins, or simply drift along the coast. There are so many adventures when it comes to sailing on the Big Island and each tour creates memories that you cannot forget.

Take a Night Swim with the Manta Rays

Known to be one of the most memorable dives, night dive, and snorkel amongst the manta rays. Learn about the manta rays and their eating routines as you help them find plankton. Tour operators will shine a light along the water in order to attract manta rays and plankton, and then you swim alongside to witness the beauty of marine life! A can’t miss it while you are vacationing on the island.

Legends of Hawaii Luau

hula dancers with green grass skirts waving to audience

Going to a luau is a must while you are on the Big Island. Live music, torches, coconuts, and a whirlwind of a show will have you both in awe of Hawaiian culture. Plus, who wouldn’t want to watch a show with their loved one? Sit next to your significant other and embrace the culture of the island while you fill up on food and entertainment.

Pololu Valley Lookout

Truly breathtaking views will draw you in as you gaze out into the lush green valleys of Hawaii. A great spot to take a picture or two together, but also a great spot to simply look out and enjoy the views of the island. Learn about the Kohala volcano or go for a small hike in this area. Pololu Valley is also by Black Sand Beach, so don’t be afraid to take that 20-minute hike down the path to this beach.

There’s nothing quite like experiencing these memories with your significant other on the Big Island. Whatever you decide to do, make each day unforgettable by going to one of these spots on our list. You will not regret taking in the beauty of Hawaii together as you explore the land.