8 Activities on the Big Island to Enjoy with Your Children

Ah, the Big Island – the volcanic land of wonder and nature. The Big Island is, the biggest (hence the name), island of the Hawaiian Islands and definitely boasts plenty of natural attractions to enjoy. When it comes to activities to enjoy with the kids, does it have what you need? Long story short, of course it does!

If you are interested in bringing the kids along on your vacation to the Big Island, look no further than this list we have curated for you.

Here are the top 8 activities to enjoy with your children on the Big Island:

Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park

volcano with steam going off the top of it on the big island

Let’s face it, kids love exciting facts and activities, and nothing is more exciting than Hawaiian volcanoes. Visit the Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park and learn about the history of volcanoes like; which one has erupted recently, what makes them erupt, and what is the aftermath and safety prevention. There are various learning opportunities as well as hikes along this national park. Let the family wander about and take in the most unusual and mesmerizing sites of the island.

Flumin’ Kohala

Photo Credit by @fluminkohala on Instagram

Deep in the canyons of Kohala lies the ditch, which brought water to the people of the area. Explore the ditch through kayak with the children and learn about a large part of history in the Kohala area of Hawaii. Rush over streams and float across the mountains. Known to be a definite and unique experience, book your tour with Flumin’ Kohala and embrace the nature and hidden tunnels of Hawaii.

Parker Ranch

Also known as the Historic Homes & Gardens, Parker Ranch has been home to the Parker family for years. This cattle ranch is full of history and antiques scattered along the property. This self-guided tour doesn’t cost a thing and you get to learn about the story of the years before.

Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm

Photo Credit by @seahorsehawaii on Instagram

Learn about the ocean conservation of seahorses living amongst the waters of Hawaii. Enjoy interactive tide pools and the world’s only 100% sustainable aquarium of endangered species being bred at Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm. Toddlers 4 years old and under are free, so this option is not only educational and fun but also a money saver if you’re bringing those younger children.

Kanaloa Octopus Farm

hand touching octopus leg at the kanaloa octopus farm

Yes, you read that right, there is an octopus farm on the Big Island! The Kanaloa Octopus Farm offers tour and research insight at their facility. Watch live feeds, learn about the water quality, and educate yourself on the larviculture of the waters. You can book a farm tour or a private tour, so you can make your experience truly your own.

Mauna Kea Summit Adventures

Photo Credit by @bobo_x_bobo on Instagram

Mauna Kea Summit Adventures offers a magical once-in-a-lifetime stargazing experience. Let the children explore the wonders of science and observatories as they gaze up at the shining stars of Hawaii. Have a professional guide teach you about the sky and surreal landscapes. Although this experience is quite long and takes roughly 8 hours, it is worth every second.

Skyline Tours

Indulge in a zipline or hiking adventure with Skyline Tours Hawaii. This is ideal for those adventure-prone children who can’t get enough of outdoor activities! Note that this activity will be for somewhat older children, as there is a weight restriction of being at least 80 pounds. Let these experienced guides guide you through the tropical jungle that is the Big Island.

Punaluu Beach/Black Sand Beach

Punaluu Beach is truly unforgettable. While this beach isn’t one that you or the children will want to swim in, there’s something special about dipping your toes into black sand as you stroll along the shore. An extremely unique experience when it comes to visiting the beaches of the islands, the kids will not forget this color-less experience.

With this many exciting things to do while on the island, it will be hard deciphering which activities are the ones that you all want to do. Whichever ones you decide on doing together, you all are bound to enjoy each second of your vacation while you do it.

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