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Eskimo Candy

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Eskimo Candy Seafood Market – Where to Go in Kihei to Get Your Fill of the Freshest Fish Around
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4.5 / 5
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Are you looking for the absolute freshest seafood creations plus fish market fare to remember? If so, you need a trip to Eskimo Candy Seafood Market in your life. They go all out in finding the best ingredients and then handcraft them into amazing dishes to serve at their Kihei market and café.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

At Eskimo Candy Seafood Market, every day begins with the search for ultra-fresh seafood from local fishermen. They look high and low for everything from mussels and squid to mahi-mahi and opakapaka. Then, they go above and beyond by sourcing beef, lamb, and so much more from local ranchers. They’re always coming back with something new, so plan to visit often to avoid missing out.

Upon completing that mission, the team returns to start preparing their finds for the market and café. Their market largely serves wholesale customers, like the many wonderful restaurants in their midst. They do prepare lots of deli favorites for their cold cases, including tons of poke varieties to sell by the pound. Although they try to keep all the fan favorites on tap, they’re constantly dreaming up new fare to wow the crowds.

To fully experience the magic that’s possible with their seafood and meat finds, just swing by the café for a bite to eat. They use all their ingredients to handcraft wonderful dishes to order all day long. Since you never truly know exactly what they’ll find on their hunt for fresh ingredients, it’s well worth checking out the menu boards before ordering. On their small blackboards all around, they often write up their specials of the day, keeping you in the loop on the latest offerings.

They run out of most of their fresh fish creations by noon, including their poke. Their café also gets plenty busy during the lunch rush and stays that way for the rest of the day. So, plan to arrive early if you want to get all your preferred items in a hurry. You can always take your meal to go and save it for later if you want.

Come by to sample the:

Ahi Poke Bowls
For a delightful foray into their fresh fish creations, treat yourself to their Ahi Poke Bowls. Although they’re always fiddling with their offerings, you can count on seeing wasabi, furikake, shoyu, and spicy tuna in the rotation. All their poke flavors come over a scoop of white rice and get topped with their wasabi aioli.

Davey Jones’ Fish-n-Chips
Whenever you order the Davey Jones’ Fish-n-Chips, prepare yourself for a flavor experience unlike anything you’ve ever had. To start your order, you’ll need to choose between their mahi mahi, opakapaka, and ono fish varieties. Once you do that, they’ll dip your fish of choice into a light batter and fry it until golden brown. Four pieces of fish will then land on your plate alongside fries and coleslaw.

Peg Leg Platter
If you simply cannot choose between all their delicious options, set your sights on the Peg Leg Platter. This plate lunch features one piece each of fried oysters, calamari, beer battered fish, and coconut shrimp plus three breaded scallops. Then, they kick it up a notch by adding a scoop of rice and macaroni salad to the plate right before serving it all up.

Although you’ll likely want to stick around to gaze upon their eclectic décor, seating is rather scarce. So, be sure to ask for takeout containers. After that, take a few snaps of their ferocious sharks, elegant mermaids, and other key accents, and then take your food to go. Kihei Regional Park is right next door, but all their items are best enjoyed right along the oceanside. So, if you can manage to avoid digging in right away, jet on over to Waipuilani Park to enjoy the view while you dine.

Insider Tips:
-Want everything ready to go when you get there? Just call in your order before you leave the hotel.
-Bring cash so you can tip the team for quality service.
-When dining in, plan to bus your own table, even if you tip. They’re far too busy to clean off the tables, so it’s just a nice courtesy for the next guests.