Polo Beach

Polo Beach – A Quiet Retreat Offering Plenty of Oceanside Fun in Wailea
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4 / 5
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When you want to skip the crowds while still enjoying the oceanside, set your sights on Polo Beach. Despite its location near upscale condos and resorts, this Wailea beach stays relatively secluded even during the busy tourist season. Onsite facilities make it easy to settle in for the whole day, giving you plenty of time to build sandcastles, snorkel along the reef, and so much more.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

If you’d like to enjoy a quiet retreat full of waterside fun, get on over to Maui’s exquisite Polo Beach. Although the sandy shores stretch along the backside of the Polo Beach Club condos, relatively few people come here on the regular. When visitors do stroll over from the Wailea condos, they tend to set up their umbrellas on the northside and simply enjoy the view. Even during the busy tourist season, you can count on enjoying a reprieve from the rowdy crowds, making it a great place to spend the day.

Although ocean conditions can change at any moment, the waves usually stay pretty calm during the summer months. The winter brings in much more powerful surf conditions, of course, but it’s still not a top spot for surfing. While you can definitely go for a swim or snorkel, there are no lifeguards on duty. So, if anything goes awry, you’re on your own.

The beach does have bathrooms and showers on site just in case you need to freshen up on your adventures. Near the bathrooms, you can find a picnic table and benches plus the Wailea Beach path. If you follow the path northward, it’ll take you to Wailea Beach Park, although that beach does not have lifeguards either.

Top things to do here:

Take a Sunset Stroll
Although the beach isn’t too terribly long, it’s perfect for a short sunset stroll. Time your visit for when the sun will just start to kiss the horizon to see the sky light up in a vivid array of hues. At that time, the already wonderful views get that much better, giving you the perfect backdrop for all your photos.

Build Sandcastles
If you like to build sandcastles, this is the beach to do it. Since there’s not many people kicking about, your creations are likely to remain standing until the tides wash them away. Bring all your sandcastle building tools and start far from the water’s edge to create an incredible work of art that’ll last all day.

Go for a Swim
The waves are perfect for swimming at this beach. They’re just strong enough for a fun boogieboarding experience, but not so powerful that you can’t swim around with ease. There’s no lifeguard on duty, however, so you’ll have to be mighty careful upon entering the water.

Snorkel to Wailea
Go early for a relaxing snorkel trip to Wailea Beach. To get started, carefully walk out to the coral reef far off the shore at Polo. Then, slowly meander your way north until you reach Wailea. The trip should take about an hour, and then you can walk the path back to your starting point.

Enjoy a Picnic
There’s perhaps nothing better than enjoying a picnic lunch while enjoying the open view of the oceanside. So, bring a blanket and all your favorite foods to make this dream a reality. If you’d like an even more secluded spot to get your grub on, go find the picnic table located in the grassy area at the north end of the beach.

Keep yourself safe from the bright sunshine with reef-safe SPF 50+ sunscreen. Apply the sunscreen about 15 minutes before you arrive, and then reapply every two hours. Also, invest in a quality pair of sunglasses that offer protection from UVA and UVB rays. A good sunhat can help as well, especially if you plan to spend the whole day on the beach.

Insider Tips:
The public beach parking lot is located near the junction between Kaukahi Street and Makena Road.
-Do not leave anything valuable in your car – not even in the trunk. Leave your items in your hotel safe or keep them on you.
-If you want to grab a meal nearby, you’ll need to go to the restaurants at the Fairmont Kea Lani hotel. The Ama Bar & Grill offers takeout that you can bring back to the beach. Ko is dine-in only.