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Bamboo Works – Selling Truly Sustainable Home Goods in East Side Kauai
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4 / 5
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Whether you want a souvenir for home or need to buy your hosts a truly beautiful gift, you can easily get what you need with a trip to Bamboo Works in East Side Kauai. From building materials to home décor, all their products feature gorgeous, sustainable bamboo plus exceptional craftsmanship through and through.

- The Local Expert Team

For the perfect combination of beauty and sustainability, you definitely need to shop your heart out at Bamboo Works. At this quaint shop in East Side Kauai, you can find everything from household goods to building materials. They even have t-shirts, surfboards, and all the other beach items you might need for fun oceanside adventures.

Since they’re open seven days a week, you can stop by at your leisure to take a look around whenever you land in Kapaa. Since their shop features so many different kinds of items, you’ll never grow bored while having a look around. As you browse their wares, you’re likely to find fun souvenirs to bring back home plus gifts for your friends and family on the island.

If you’re thinking about getting a vacation home on the island or even moving there full-time, it’s definitely a great spot for sustainable building materials as well. You can then upgrade your home time and time again without negatively impacting the environment. You’ll feel great about your renovations as a result, plus the sheer beauty of the natural wood looks great in all areas of the home.

Although they don’t put a whole lot into their quality of service, you’ll always feel right at home upon entering the shop. Upon sending a simple aloha your way, the team will then let you shop around without getting in your way. You can then simply browse their goods at your leisure and spend plenty of time hemming and hawing over their offerings.

If you have any questions, you can definitely swing by the front counter to get the answers you seek. In fact, the owner, Julian, stays on site more often than not, giving you direct access to all the info you’ve ever wanted to know about bamboo. When he’s not available, it’s possible to find information about their bamboo products right on their website as well.

Bamboo Works’ top products include:

Phone Cases
If you want to protect your smartphone without taking away from its beautiful appearance, consider putting it in a bamboo phone case. In addition to looking absolutely phenomenal, the smooth cases feel great in your hand, too. You can usually get them in dark or light wood, depending on your phone model.

As single-use cutlery piles up in landfills, it’s definitely time for a better way. So, if you’d like to be a part of the solution, treat yourself to a pair of bamboo chopsticks. Created with beautiful designs on the ends, these chopsticks add a bit of style to every meal while letting you feel good about helping save the environment.

Durable, gorgeous, and relatively inexpensive, bamboo flooring is definitely a better choice than hardwoods. Across their entire showroom, they have their bamboo planks on full display. Although you can’t take it home with you, there’s perhaps no better place to see just how well it stands up to foot traffic.

If you have friends or family on the island, don’t miss the chance to get them a piece of stunning bamboo furniture. At this store, you can find garden benches and sling chairs that look great next to tropical plants of all kinds. Plus, they have nesting tables designed to allow your gracious hosts to roll out the snack plates and drinks with ease.

You cannot have your items shipped back home at this time. So, you’ll have to stick with whatever will fit in your luggage. If you simply fall in love with something that’s too big to get home, consider asking the shop where they sourced their items. You might get lucky and learn about a retailer on the mainland that can get you what you want upon returning home.

Insider Tips:
-They aim to lock up right when closing time arrives, so be prepared to check out well before then.
-Express your interest in getting items shipped back home when you stop by. If they get a lot of interest, they’re more likely to add this option to their offerings in the future.