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Backdoor Surf Shop – The Place to Gear Up for All Your North Shore Kauai Adventures
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On your trip to North Shore Kauai, you can easily get geared up for all your adventures with help from Backdoor Surf Shop. From surfboards and bodyboards to snorkel equipment and beach chairs, they have all the rental equipment you could want. Just don’t forget to shop for clothing, accessories, and more to head out in style time and time again.

- The Local Expert Team

When you need to gear up for fun and adventure in North Shore Kauai, you can always count on the team at Backdoor Surf Shop to help you out. At this popular equipment rental company, you can find all the right gear every time. They have over 200 short, mid-size, and long surfboards to choose from plus soft-top boards from all the major brands. You can also get body boards, snorkel equipment, and even Tommy Bahama beach chairs if you simply want to lounge around.

They offer all their equipment rentals at reasonable rates with discounts for multi-day rentals. You can rent your items for just one day or go for three, five, or seven days at a time. When you rent a surfboard, they give you a car surfboard rack to use at no extra charge. They also allow you to drop your board back off at night and pick it back up in the morning without paying an additional fee.

Although their rental equipment brings most people through the doors, their clothing never fails to earn a look as well. In their shop, they have all the best hoodies, flannels, t-shirts, tank tops, and so much more. As you shop around, you’ll undoubtedly find flashy swag to wear on all your travels, so you can show off your love for the island wherever you go.

Their most popular rentals include:

At any given time, you have up to 200 short, mid-size, and long surfboards to consider for your surfing escapades. Although they list their boards online, not all are always available. Sometimes, they have them out for maintenance or repairs, so try to remain flexible as you pick out your ideal boards.

Soft-Top Boards
When you want to hit the waves on a soft-top board, you have many options from both TORQ and Surftech. If you’re not sure which one to pick, just ask the team for their recommendations. They will use a variety of factors to determine your ideal board type and size.

Snorkel Equipment
If you’d like to see all the colorful fish and sea turtles as they travel beneath the waves, you need snorkel equipment in your life. When you come to this shop, you can rent a mask and snorkel, fins, or the full setup. They’ll help you get fitted, teach you how to use the equipment, and then wish you the best as you head out toward the water for your sightseeing tour.

On the first Saturday each month, you can swing by from 9 am to 12 pm for the swap meet. Upon arriving onsite, you’ll see all sorts of goods for sale spread out on the front lawn for your consideration. Surfboards often dominate the space, although all used water sports equipment is welcome. Buyers and sellers never pay an additional fee, making it well worth the trip over to see what’s available.

Insider Tips:
-If you’d like to buy more surfboards, clothing, and accessories after returning home, just let them know your selections, pay online or over the phone, and they’ll ship them right to your door.
-You’re welcome to return any items that do not fit for an exchange or refund. If you need to ship the item, all shipping costs are your responsibility.
-You must allow them to keep an imprint of your credit card on file to serve as your security deposit when renting equipment.
-Since you’re responsible for all surfboard damage, it’s wise to sign up for their optional insurance plan for an extra charge. The plan covers the full replacement value of the surfboard once you pay the $50 deductible.