Hanapepe Art Night

Every Friday evening, Art Night arrives in Hanapepe, allowing everyone to revel in its small-town charm. The community comes together to celebrate local artists, eat delicious food, and simply enjoy the beauty of Kauai.

Local shops and art galleries keep their doors open late while vendors fill the main street with delightful wares of all kinds. The festivities go on from 6 pm until 9 pm, which gives you more than enough time to enjoy all this weekly event has to offer.

If you’d like to experience this event for yourself, all you have to do is jet on over to Hanapepe as the evening hours arrive. Here’s a look at all that awaits as you make your way to this ever-popular community event on Kauai.

About Hanapepe Art Night

Hanapepe Art Night
Photo Credit by @wailuagranolaco on Instagram

Hanapepe Art Night began over 20 years ago and has served as a rich local tradition ever since. Local shop, restaurant, and art gallery owners revel in the chance to warmly welcome attendees through their doors late into the Friday evening hours. Even more, Kauai residents come through to play music for the crowds and sell their handcrafted goods. The food trucks add to the magic, too, by serving everything from plate lunch classics to homemade cookies.

Stores Participating in Art Night

Local shops and art galleries have the option to participate in Hanapepe Art Night if they wish. Some always do, while others will keep their doors open late on occasion. Here’s a look at some spots that might be open when you come by.

  • Kalakoa Kauai Fine Art Gallery: A collection of colorful artwork made in the spirit of aloha
  • Amy-Lauren’s Gallery: Original works of art made by Amy-Lauren and other local artists
  • Banana Patch Studios: Unique handmade tiles, pottery, and fine art creations by Kauai artists
  • Aloha Spice Company: Spices and other handcrafted goods, like smoked Hawaiian sea salt
  • Pu’uwai Gallery & Boutique: Handcrafted jewelry made by local artist, Veronica Groepler
  • Salty Wahine: Gourmet sea salt, spice rubs, and so much more created right on the island
  • J.J. Ohana’s Gift Shop: Beautiful Niihau shell jewelry and many other delightful souvenirs

Vendors from all over the island add to the shopping landscape by setting up large booths and filling them with their wares. You can walk up and down the main street to browse their offerings at your leisure.

Although people come from all over the island to enjoy Art Night, the shopping experience never feels crowded. Take the time to chat with the people running each booth to learn about the history of their brand and explore their top items. You never truly know what you’re going to find, so plan to swing by often to find new treasures every time.

Where to Find Good Eats

Food trucks from all over the island regularly set up shop along the main street for Hanapepe Art Night. There’s no telling which food trucks will come by, either, making it a rather pleasant surprise when you see your favorite joints.

Many local restaurants keep their doors open well into the evening hours, too, such as:

  • Amaize
  • Unkos Kitchen
  • Bobbie’s Restaurant
  • Kuuleis Gourmet
  • Midnight Bear Breads
  • Taro Ko Chip Company
  • Popo’s Cookies

The lines can get quite long, however. So, be prepared to wait it out if you want a seat at a restaurant. If you’d like to take your meal to go, just call or walk up to the front counter and order takeout. The crew will whip up your order fast and send it out the door piping hot and ready to enjoy.  

If you’re lucky, even more restaurants will set up vendor booths and cook their most popular dishes streetside. When that happens, you’ll get to watch in awe as their crew creates all their entrees by hand as soon as their patrons put in their orders.

Don’t forget to watch for fresh fruit vendors selling whatever’s in season at that time. From locally grown pineapple to papayas galore, there’s never a shortage of amazingly juicy and flavorful fruits to buy whenever you come to Art Night.

Why Attend Art Night in Hanapepe

Whenever you come to Hanapepe, a trip across the swinging bridge is a must. But that’s not all there’s to do when you plan your visit for Art Night.

Other things you’ll like to enjoy include:

  • Admire the works of art created by talented local artists and even buy a few pieces for your own home or to give away as gifts
  • Find amazing island souvenirs to bring home to your friends and family, including clothing, jewelry, and spices
  • Meet new people, learn about the local culture, and build wonderful friendships to last a lifetime
  • Dine on the tastiest local cuisine and satisfy all your cravings as you hop between the food trucks and vendors
  • Listen to local musicians playing live music for the crowds and even try out a few new movies on the dancefloor

As you explore all that Hanapepe has to offer, keep your eyes peeled for the stunning flower truck. With its fiery paint job and a bed full of flowers, it’s impossible to miss. Take a moment to use it as a backdrop for your selfies for an incredible souvenir to cherish for life.

Ready to Experience the Beauty of Art Night?

If you want to see Hanapepe in a whole new way, plan to swing by for Art Night at least once. If you like what you see, you’re welcome to come by every Friday night. Before you know it, visiting this event will become a time-honored tradition to share with your friends and family. No matter how often you come by or who you bring with you, make sure to arrive hungry and ready to shop your heart out until late in the evening.