Kekaha Beach Park

Kekaha Beach Park - Popular Beach Park With Lifeguard Station on Kauai's West Coast
The Bottom Line:

Kekaha Beach Park is a gorgeous sandy beach with a sandy ocean floor ideal for swimming. This West Kauai park also has a posted lifeguard and other beach amenities that make it a good pick for families. 

- The Local Expert Team

Kekaha Beach Park is a gorgeous sandy beach that is located on the west end of Kekaha. This beach is popular for its surfing waves and beachcombing opportunities. Plus, it has plenty of beach amenities that make it an ideal spot for family beach days.

Kekaha Beach Park is part of a longer stretch of beach that takes up a part of West Kauai. In full, you can walk fifteen miles along this stretch of beachline, starting at Polihale’s Mana Coastal Plain and ending just after the town of Kekaha. The portion of the beach that makes up Kekaha Beach Park is also known locally as MacArthur Park and parts of it are referred to as Intahs, First Ditch, and Second Ditch.

It is easy to find Kekaha Beach Park. Just follow the main road of Kaumualii Highway west out of the village of Kekaha. You will pass by several rows of houses on your right with the ocean on your left, and then then the road will start to curve and that small strip of land between road and water will widen and you will see Kekaha Beach Park. This park has designated parking spots just off of the highway, but it is also possible for visitors to drive their trucks right onto the beach so as to get close and personal to the shoreline with their beach set-up. 

Convenient parking is only one of the many great qualities of Kekaha Beach Park. This park offers some key amenities that make it an ideal spot for families. First, it is one of the only beaches on this part of the island that has a lifeguard station with regular on-duty lifeguard hours. But even with a lifeguard on duty, it is important for people of all ages to be cautious when entering the water and taking part in swimming-related activities.

Other amenities at Kekaha Beach Park include exterior showers, portable toilets, and individualized picnic areas. These separated picnic areas feature individual standing pavilions that each cover their own picnic table and grilling station. These covered pavilions are ideal for hanging out away from the sun and rain while enjoying those ocean breezes and beach views. On beautiful summer weekends, small food truck vendors will sometimes park here. 

The gently curving beachline here is comprised of a very soft, very fine grain of sand boasting a reddish-gold shade. This soft sand extends beneath the water and is part of what makes Kekaha Beach Park so popular among swimmers. The sandy ocean bottom regularly shifts with the currents, creating its own sandbars and consistently altering how the waves break. Often those sandbars create fantastic surfing conditions just offshore, making Kekaha Beach Park an incredibly popular spot for local surfers. Just take care as the breaks can be dangerous for those not familiar with the area.

In addition to occasionally heavy waves, strong winds and currents can likewise make swimming difficult at Kekaha Beach Park. So while this is one of the most family-friendly beaches on this side of the island, it is always important to be aware that conditions can change and to check with the lifeguard and others on the beach about the current conditions before entering the water. Powerful rip currents are most common during the winter and spring, making summer and fall the ideal times to enjoy this segment of the beach. 

The beach portion of Kekaha Beach Park is cut in half by a stream flowing into the ocean. This freshwater can churn up the water, making it murkier than you would find elsewhere. That said, this same freshwater also helps make this part of the beach very popular among fishers. You will often see people fishing, especially during the early morning and late afternoon hours. 

Insider Tip:
Kekaha Beach Park is an excellent place to view the sunset, especially during the winter. Just know that you aren’t going to be the only ones with this idea! You will often find many locals and visitors posted up at this beach come the sunset hour thanks to its convenient location just outside of town and the ability to drive right up on the beach to enjoy a sunset cuddled up with one’s partner.