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Big Island Personal Tours – Enjoy Exciting Island Tours or Get e-Bike Rentals for Your Crew
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Want to explore paradise in style? Get an e-bike rental or take a full self-guided tour with Big Island Personal Tours. This fun company gives you endless ways to enjoy the island without breaking much of a sweat. If you’re the proud owner of an e-bike, they can also sell you parts, perform maintenance, or help you upgrade.

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If you’ve always wanted to explore breathtaking island landscapes, let Big Island Personal Tours take you on an adventure to remember. This tour company offers memorable self-guided trips across Hilo and beyond, ensuring you can enjoy the sights while savoring the fresh ocean air. They’re also a great place to go for e-bike rentals if you’d like to go on your own excursions.

On top of that, their crew gladly helps e-bike owners with parts and maintenance as needed to keep their rides in prime condition. Want to upgrade to the latest e-bike models? They can help with that, too. And they make it easy to do online shopping through their website. So, it’s really no wonder why this company calls itself the one-stop shop for fun.

If you’d like to go on a whirlwind Big Island tour, just visit their website to check out the options. Then, select whatever one you’d like to enjoy and pick your perfect date and time. When you sign up for a tour, the system will give you requirements to follow. Pay close attention to the instructions to ensure you stay safe and enjoy your trip to the fullest. It tells you things like wearing comfortable clothing, closed-toe shoes, sunglasses, and a hat to protect you from the sun.

They have three main self-guided tours available, although they regularly update their adventures whenever new opportunities arise. On these tours, you’re set up with an e-bike rental equipped with a user-friendly GPS system. You will then have several hours to follow the tour path and listen to the audio guide tell you about nearby sights.

Once you get a feel for the island landscapes, you might be ready to go on a tour all your own. You just have to decide between their e-bike rental options, which range from hourly to multi-day arrangements. They even have a sunset e-bike rental that takes you through the Waikoloa Village as the vivid sunset lights up the evening sky.  

Big Island Personal Tours’ e-bike tours include:

Hilo Historical Tour
If you only have a few hours to explore, sign up for the Hilo Historical Tour. At just three hours long, this self-guided tour easily fits into the day while allowing for many other adventures. On this trip, you’ll see everything from museums and farmer’s markets to waterfalls and historical parks. The audio provides key insights through every mile, increasing your appreciation for the island’s beauty.

Waikoloa/Mauna Lani Tour
The Waikoloa/Mauna Lani Tour is another three-hour ride across exquisitely beautiful island landscapes. You’ll begin your tour at the Hilton Waikoloa Village Hotel and then travel through the village area and Mauna Lani Resort. By the end, you’ll have learned all about the region’s history, culture, and natural features.  

Volcano National Park Tour
If you want to see exquisite lava flows while feeling the wind in your hair, you cannot go wrong with the Volcano National Park Tour. On this four- to six-hour trip, you’ll start at the Volcano Golf Course and then explore the park at your leisure for the rest of the day. All along the way, the GPS system will point out geological wonders and tell you about the region’s history.

If you want help keeping your bike in peak condition, ask about their Velocare service plan. This maintenance program surpasses the manufacturer’s warranty, protecting all your parts for three to five years. If anything fails in that time, the Velocare plan will pay to replace it. You just have to bring your bike to their service location, and they’ll complete the work for you.

Insider Tips:
-The self-guided tours require headphones to listen to the system while you ride. You will need to bring your own because the tour company does not provide any.
-Apply reef-safe SPF 50+ sunscreen before you arrive at the meetup location for your tour or bike rental. Then, reapply the sunblock every two hours or so to stay protected from the sun.Buying a new e-bike? Ask about available state rebate programs and other discounts.