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Big Island Bike Tours - Well-Equipped Bike Tour Outfit in Waimea
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4 / 5
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Headquartered in Waimea on the Big Island, Big Island Bike Tours is an outstanding bike tour and bike rental outfit that's led by a retired professional cyclist. This is the outfitter you want to go to for exceptional tours around the island and the high-end rental bikes and e-bikes. 

- The Local Expert Team

There are many ways to explore and experience a new place, but there’s nothing quite like biking. Compared to cars, bicycles force you to slow down and become more open to the natural and human-created world around you. Compared to walking, bicycles can take you further, making it easy to explore more places and from a different angle. This is a way of exploring that everyone should try at least once, and if you’re visiting Hawaii, one great outfit to try cycle adventures with is Big Island Bike Tours.

Part of what makes Big Island Bike Tours unique and sets it apart from competitors is because of its owner, Alex “Cando “Candelario. Cando was not just a professional cyclist, he spent fourteen years competitively racing; seven of which with the top national team of Optum-Kelly Benefit Strategies. Cando rode and competed in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia as well as the United States. He lived and breathed cycling and when it was time to hang up the cleats, he did so to share his passion for the sport and activity with others by opening up Big Island Bike Tours. 

When you rent a bike via Big Island Bike Tours, you can rest assured you are renting one of the highest-quality of make bikes; one that is in top maintenance condition. When you book a guided tour via Big Island Bike Tours, you can rest assured you will be led by an experienced cyclist well-equipped to handle any issues along the way. You can have these assurances because it is a well-versed cyclist hiring, purchasing, and forming the training protocols for the company. 

Located in Waimea in North Hawaii, Big Island Bike Tours offers a great array of adventures. For both their rentals and tours, they offer bicycle pick-ups and drop-offs that can be especially helpful for those looking to bike near their resort and who don’t want to rent a car or take a cab.

Popular biking tours offered by Big Island Bike Tours include:

Waipo Valley Lookout Road Bike Tour
This is a fantastic bicycle tour for those more familiar with road biking and looking to undertake a longer, more spirited bike adventure. This ride starts at the company’s Waimea headquarters where bikes are fitted to each rider’s specific needs. Then it’s down through the hills along back roads, enjoying some incredible vistas. There is a quick break in the small town of Honokaa before a final 12-mile stretch to the coastline and the Valley of the Kings. 

Mana Dirt E-Mountain Bike Tour
This tour features what is called electric-assist bikes that will require you to peddle, but the electric motor equipped in each bike will handle most of the torque and energy required to propel the bike forward. The result is easier, more enjoyable peddling for newcomers to the sport, especially in hilly and otherwise uneven terrain. So guests on this tour get to enjoy a fast, easy bike ride and do so along with the famous red clay Mana Road that winds along the lower slopes of the tallest mountain on earth, Mauna Kea. 

In the end, what makes Big Island Bike Tours such a great outfit is that they have a sufficient array of tours and bike types to excite every guest. Whether you haven’t biked for decades or you are a proficient road or mountain cyclist, this outfitter is equipped to deliver a dream biking adventure on the Big Island. 

Insider Tip:
Rain is something to be expected in Hawaii, especially during the winter and spring, and there is rarely a time when it gets too rainy for Big Island Bike Tours to cancel. If biking through wind gusts and rainstorms doesn’t sound fun for you, aim to book in summer or fall which generally boasts better weather, or don’t book until a few days before your anticipated trip to reduce the risk of undesirable weather.