Pebbles Beach

Pebble Beach: Extraordinary Views on The Kona Coast
The Bottom Line:

Pebble Beach, located on the Big Island near Paradise Village features gorgeous, breathtaking views and a unique shoreline covered with black rocks and pebbles. Visitors are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing and shoes. 

- The Local Expert Team

If you love nature and love the beach, then you have to travel to the Kona Coast to Pebble Beach. It’s conveniently located on the Big Island’s Kona Paradise Village and is truly a sight to see. Visit and experience the amazing beauty that only Mother Nature can bring to this earth. It is a gift, like no other, so please go, be in the present and take every moment in.

Driving there could be a bit tricky because the road off Highway 11that takes you right into Pebble Beach is steep. Really steep. Get this. This road drops more than 1,000 feet in elevation in as little as one mile! But it is well worth it. What you will experience here is second to none. Go slowly and pay attention to the road conditions. It also can get slippery on rainy days. The good thing is that this is an access road that will take you straight into parking areas. You will also easily find access trails to the beach. Wear comfortable clothing and appropriate shoes because there are rocks and pebbles everywhere. Sandals and open-toe shoes aren’t the best for this beach. 

When you arrive, listen to the waves creating a symphony against the awe-inspiring black pebbles and rocks that magnificently border the shoreline. The name, Pebble Beach, was inspired by the black lava pebbles that now line the coast. There is no sand on this beach, and that is what makes it unique. It’s hard to describe and words alone don’t do it justice. 

The water is so beautifully crystal clear blue it enhances the gorgeous skyline creating a picturesque and breathtaking panorama. As you look around the lush green foliage enhances the view from every show-stopping direction. North, South, East, West…it doesn’t make a difference. As far as the eye can see is striking. Make sure you stay long enough to can see the Pebble Beach sunset. Watching the sun go down from the top of Kona Paradise will take your breath away. You’ll ask yourself, is this actually real? You might want to pinch yourself and say out loud, “Yes, it certainly is, and I am happy to be here!”

But please don’t let the natural beauty fool you. Just like the drive, you have to be careful while on the beach or going into the water. It’s extremely rocky everywhere, both in and out of the water and the currents could be stronger than you might expect. Also, there is no noted lifeguard station here. Most people visit Pebble Beach to explore and enjoy the extraordinary views instead of swimming or other water activities. It’s a great spot to bring a chair, a book, and your favorite beverage and relax. A blanket won’t do, because the pebbles will be uncomfortable, and the sun makes them hot to the touch. That said, you don’t have to do anything at all here. Just sit back, relax, and be in the present. You’ll want to make sure your phone is fully charged, so you can take plenty of photos to frame and display back home. They will be awesome memories of this one-of-a-kind Hawaiian destination.

If you must venture into the water, always check the weather, be careful, and totally aware of your surroundings. This isn’t a place for novice swimmers or children to take the plunge for the first time. Only experienced, strong swimmers are advised here.

Keep in mind that when the waves and surf are calm, and you have the appropriate gear to kayak or snorkel you are in for the adventure of a lifetime. On a great weather day, the colorful coral-filled ocean is rich with fabulous fish, manta rays, scorpionfish, reef fish, nudibranchs, and other gorgeous creatures gracefully swimming through the sea. Pebble Beach features an undersea ecosystem full of beauty and if you have the opportunity to experience it, you’ll be amazed by its unbelievable underwater glory. Enjoy the view!

Insider Tip:
There are no public restrooms on Pebble Beach.