Honomalino Beach

Honomalino Beach – A Secluded South Kona Beach Offering Scenic Views and Waves for Days
The Bottom Line:

Honomalino Beach serves as a great place to play in the waves and enjoy the scenic views all around. A lesser-known south Kona beach, it’s often rather secluded, letting you easily get away from it all for the afternoon. No lifeguards are on duty at any time, however, so play in the water at your own risk.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

When you want to get away from it all while lounging in paradise, set your sights on Honomalino Beach. Although it’s only 30 miles south of Kailua-Kona, this beach doesn’t get much action. Instead, its shores remain fairly unoccupied day in and day out, giving you a place to escape the crowds whenever you see fit. Since it’s void of tourists, the atmosphere has a local feel, but respect the land and you’ll fit in just fine.

The sandy shores stretch across Honomalino Bay and wrap around Kapulau Point at the northern tip. Along the south side of the beach is a section of black lava flows, filled with rough rocks with pointy edges. Before you can see all that, you have about a 20-minute hike ahead. The road ends at Milolii Beach Park where you can park in their lot. Then, you’ll walk down past the yellow church, following the arrows all along the way.

Toward the end of the trail, you’ll get to see sacred burial grounds in your midst. Do not trample on the graves or otherwise disturb the land. You can simply pass on by or spend a moment or two paying your respects. After that, you’re just a few feet away from spending the day in a secluded paradise. The wide-open shores offer plenty of space for strolling along the sand, building sandcastles, or just sunbathing to your heart’s content.

The crystal clear water always promises great swimming adventures, while the powerful waves make it easy to boogieboard like a pro. There are no lifeguards on duty anytime though, so entering the water is at your own risk. Beyond that, there’s unlikely to be anyone nearby to call for help. And even if there was someone on hand, it would take at least 20 minutes for first responders to make it down the trail. For those reasons, it’s best to stick to the shores and enjoy the views of the gorgeous oceanside.

Top things to do include:

Build Sandcastles
Bring your sandcastle building tools, and then get ready to create spectacular works using the ultra-soft sand. Since there are relatively few people here, your creations will stand undisturbed after you put your all into building each one.

Watch the Blowhole
If you arrive during high tide, walk over to the lava on the south side of the beach to watch the blowhole. As the waves come up to the shores, water shoots out of the blowhole and far into the air. Just be sure not to step near the blowhole or look directly down into it.

Enjoy a Picnic
If you want to dine in style, bring along a picnic lunch for your beach trip. Local delis have poke, sandwiches, and many other delicious premade goodies to enjoy. Remember to pack out whatever you bring with you, so you can serve as a good steward of the land.

If you want to walk over the black lava rocks, be sure to wear a sturdy pair of water shoes. You’ll need good grip to stay upright over the rocks, plus plenty of protection from their sharp edges. While standing up on the rocks, you can better view the groves of coconut palms nearby. The view is still plenty good from the sandy shores, however, if you don’t want to venture over the rocks.

Insider Tips:
-The only bathrooms nearby are next to the yellow church, so freshen up before you start hiking to the beach.
-Do not leave any belongings in your vehicle, especially not in clear view. Valuables are best left in your hotel safe.
-As you hike down the trail, watch for no trespassing signs and heed the warnings to respect the locals’ privacy.
-As long as the weather cooperates, the bay is at its calmest in the morning hours.